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It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in these ceremonies and we’d like to thank everyone who has ever placed that kind of trust in us and allowed us to be a part of their lives. Here’s what some of them had to say:


The best day of our lives was having our handfasting in our garden with Jacqui, Carla and Peter thank you all for blessing the garden and for the magical day. Blessing and love to you all xxxxx - Wendy Porter



Thank you both so very much for enabling us to have a perfect handfasting. It was so magical the energies were truly awesome. We would recommend the both of you. x - David and Jools Winter



Our handfasting was one of the best and happiest moments of our lives, thanks in no small part to Jacqui and Dreow who held the ceremony so expertly and with their wonderful energy and experience. We spent over a year in planning, which can be a stressful time but I'd happily do it all over again! Much love xxx - Jeremy Arnold



Jacqui sat with my partner and I and explained in a very precise but clear way, the options of service and what would be expected of us. My partner was a bit apprehensive, but after sitting with Jacqui, she was reassured and we went on to have the most marvellous of days, with a fasting ceremony that will live in our and many others memories forever. Thank you. - Barrie Thomas


I had my hand-fast ceremony 15/03/2013, Jacqui and Carla came up North, to a beautiful church,and did a wonderful blessing for me and Ray, Jacqui was on the phone any time I had a question. My guest was amazed at the blessing and the meaning of the blessing, thank you for blessing.xx - Julie Biggs



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